A Little Enlightenment

I have come to see – through meditation – that I have a tendency to become overwhelmed and anxious about seemingly small things. For example, yesterday I had a lot on my to-do list and was dreading it. However, I notice that if I just take the small amount of time to do one or two things, I usually wind up with an abundant amount of time to spare. I also end up thinking, “Oh, that wasn’t so bad!”.

On the contrary, I sit and dwell over how it’s too much to do or won’t work out. I see how I do the same thing when thinking about what career path to go down next. I play out all the potential, worst case scenarios that could happen. A lot of the time, that leads me to not pursue something further.

What if – instead – I stop thinking about it, and start focusing on what feels right? By now I should have a good sense of my intuition to let that be the guiding force.

Let’s see!

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