A Time of Intense Self-Reflection

Lately I feel at a loss for words, literally. The past several months have been a time of intense self-reflection. I feel like there is a shift happening and I am riding it out until I reach the other side.

I do not have many insightful comments or ideas to share. I am still figuring out this new sense of self. Every Tuesday when it comes time to publish a new blog, I cannot seem to fully commit myself to a topic. There are ideas floating around but nothing that sticks. I feel like many things are up in the air.

I do know that I have been taking more action and self-responsibility in my life. Items on my to-do list that have been put on the back burner for quite some time are now getting accomplished. Things are coming together in my home, career and relationships.

I sometimes feel disappointed in myself for not following through on my promise of a weekly blog, but I also know that it is important to maintain my integrity. I will not post something if I am not 100% committed to what I am saying. I want it to come from my heart and from a space of clear intention.

I hope to be able to blog again soon! I will remain open to the messages from my intuition – it will let me know the times I should post.

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    Terri on March 15, 2017 Reply

    Yes Jennifer I do the same… put things on the back burner to allow my thought process to unfold until I get to what I need/feel to take action. You are correct in accepting that and not being hard on yourself. Love you!

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