ACCOUNTABILITY is the Ultimate Freedom

It is difficult to explore the dark side within ourselves, but to truly life a life of freedom it is essential. We can’t bury negative feelings and emotions – they have to be felt, acknowledged and released as they arise.

I have had to make peace with the fact that negative feelings are a part of me, no matter how “enlightened” I try to be.  I get angry, I get critical, I get anxious – and that’s OK. I am learning how to acknowledge those feelings and move through them, rather than think, “I shouldn’t be feeling this way,” or turn to a comforting sugary treat.

Accountability is the ultimate freedom. It can be an off-putting realization that you and only you are in charge of how you feel. There is NO ONE else that determines how you feel. Be accountable for your feelings or they will otherwise consume you. Own it – so you can transform it.

own it - so you can transform it.

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