An Inspirational Thought

Sometimes an inspirational thought can come from a seemingly meaningless comment. I was talking with someone a few decades older than me, and mentioned how I was thinking about making my own deodorant to try. My other experiences with store bought natural deodorants had been unsuccessful – albeit smelly! I’m sure you already know of the harmful effects the aluminum and other chemicals in regular deodorant can cause.

The response I received was “Well, I figure I’ve already lived this long, so why bother.”

Later that day, I was thinking about it and thought to myself how unfortunate that response was. It’s difficult to wrap my head around that level of “non-ownership” for your own life. If you know there are things you can do to improve your chances of being healthy in the same ways that eating well and exercising would – why wouldn’t you give it a shot?

Fully embracing how much control you have over your own life experiences is empowering, yet terrifying. Think about it – your own intentions, perceptions and actions manifest into your reality. It does sometimes make me want to crawl under a rock and hide for a while, so I can understand how non-ownership would be MUCH more comforting. Heck, I spent years living that way and still struggle now – so it’s not about judgement. I often think: What if I get it wrong and manifest things I do not want? Will I be able to cope having this much awareness now, and without blaming myself? Ups and downs are a part of life for sure, but I believe that there is a reason that everything happens. Ultimately, we manifest what our soul needs most to grow.

It led me to this final thought:

-I don't want to live my life by chance. I want to live it on purpose.-











Every day.

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