A Projection of Fear

I believe the reason so many people identify with Trump is because he is a projection of their fear. Fear is a safe place for them; it is where they are comfortable. It has become their story.

If they were to step outside of their comfort zone and that story of fear, it would turn their worlds upside down. Moving out of that fear would open the flood gates to all of their previous fear-based experiences. It’s like the universe is saying “Oh, you want to acknowledge your fears? Well how about this one, and this one? Here’s another, and another, and another,” to the point where it is beyond overwhelming.

I know, I’ve been there.

We have two options to choose from in those moments that challenge our comfort zone of fear. We can retreat back into our safe place of fear, or we can work through our fears one by one. Learn how to meditate, read a book that resonates with you, talk to a friend, cry it out, make an appointment with a therapist – whatever works for you.

Allow your fears to be released, so you can move into a place of love. That is our true comfort zone – the pure, honest space of love. One that we felt before life got in the way.

Please don’t settle for a life of fear. You are so much more than that.


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    Terri on June 14, 2017 Reply

    Great read as always! <3

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      Jennifer Ann Jeffer on August 8, 2017 Reply


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