Change is the Law of Nature

Change is the law of nature. Change is constant. Things come to life – and if they are not changing or growing, they die. Anything in nature can confirm this to be true. A flower starts as a seed, spouts, forms a vine and finally blossoms. Then, when it can grow no further, it wilts and returns to the earth.

The law of nature is one I prefer over the law of man. I have never been one to conform to a system or tradition simply because it exists. If something is broken or flawed or outdated, it must change. An IT system, for example, a religious text, and yes, even the electoral college.

I have a hard time accepting when it is said that we need to “respect the system” because it is the way things have “always been done.”

In terms of business – most know that you must adapt and change with the business environment, or be left behind. You cannot continue doing what feels easier in the short run because it would take a bit more effort to do it the right way in the long run. Or you can. But by the time the change will be most needed, it will already be too late.

The same can be said within our culture. So many just want things to stay the same or be like it was “back then”. They cannot embrace the beauty of change. They cannot accept that new conditions call for different ways of approaching them. Ways they may not be comfortable with or have experience in. From my perspective – as is in nature – the day you stop growing and changing with the times is the day you die. It is the day you stop living.

Why is it that we fight so hard against change; against the new? Even when it is so badly needed? Are we afraid of not having enough within ourselves to grow? Are we that afraid of the unknown?

I hope not.

2 thoughts on “Change is the Law of Nature”

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    Terri on January 18, 2017 Reply

    As always …. very wise…..I agree… ❤️️

    • 2
      Jennifer Ann Jeffer on January 23, 2017 Reply

      Thank you!! <3

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