Compassion is Lost on the Need to be Right at All Costs: The Depersonalization of Politics

It is really astounding how arguments for certain political opinions have become so depersonalized.

One will argue to the bone that we should not support “lazy people of welfare” when they themselves have been on, or currently are on a form of federal assistance. They will praise Trump for taking advantage of the loopholes and not paying taxes, while condemning those who take advantage of the loopholes within the welfare system to receive financial support. Or, they will support Medicare being cut when their own mother is on it.

When asked if they would be OK with their daughter being grabbed by the p***y, the reply is, “No way! I would knock them out!” In another example, they will complain about land being developed near where they live, yet choose representatives who care more about capitalism.

The real kicker is the response I received when offering the following scenario:

  • A child in the family loses health insurance and develops a life threatening illness.
  • If health carriers could again deny someone with a pre-existing condition, that child would be denied coverage.

The response was, “So what,” as she shrugged her shoulders.

So what.

I was at a loss for words in that moment.

I think that is the “beauty” of what has been accomplished by the political administration. They have been able to convince their supporters to argue against their own benefits. They have taught their supporters to idolize those breaking the rules – as long as it is someone that appears to be “better” than they are, and not “lesser” than. People become so immersed in the egoic aspect of “not needing any help” and maintaining a certain image within their own minds, that they cannot see how they are only hurting themselves. How they are only hurting their own families.

Compassion is lost on the need to be right at all costs.

The practice of compassion is not just feeling for others, it is demonstrating those feelings through your choices and actions. It is caring about the issues that will affect other people, even if they may not directly affect you. It is choosing to stand up for what is right.

So I ask. How will you choose to demonstrate your compassion?

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