Heart-Centered Career

It has been just about six months now since my last day at my previous corporate job. I cannot begin to tell you how much lighter and more “myself” I feel. It is crazy looking back at how wrapped up I was in the chaos and negativity. I lost my way seemingly so easily, although it was over many years’ time. In a way, it does frighten me that I could lose my way again. I’m afraid I’ll get stuck in another bad situation and not know how to get myself out. I’m also afraid of being disappointed again. However, I don’t want these fears to hold me back from moving forward in my new entrepreneurial endeavors.

I want a career that mirrors my values – a heart-centered career. One that is filled with like-minded, kind, inspirational, creative people that are not solely motivated by money and power. I want to feel like I am making a difference in the world and that I am a part of something good. I want to be a leader.

I saw a TED Talk recently by Simon Sinek on “Why good leaders make you feel safe.”

It so eloquently describes the spirit of leadership that is rare to find nowadays. He notes, “It’s the leader who sets the tone.” Additionally, in a story where a business leader (Bob Chapman) was faced with laying off his employees after hard times hit, he refused. As Simon states “Bob doesn’t believe in head counts, Bob believes in heart counts. And it’s much more difficult to simply reduce the heart count.” Instead, every employee took four weeks of unpaid vacation so that the business could stay afloat. Morale increased and profits soared.

We need more human compassion, caring, trust and heart in business. It does NOT have to be lost among the endless quest for the next sale. I love business – and business can do great things if we let it. It can impact the world and people in so many positive ways. We need to be willing to set a new tone and operate differently; go against the grain. Do things not because it’s the way they have “always been done”, but because it’s the way they should be done now. Now that we know enough to know better.


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