Hold Space for YOUR Truth

I think we have gotten too quick to label discernment as judgement. It is not about judging someone, it is about discerning right from wrong. There is a big difference.

A quick Google search will give the definition of discernment as “the ability to judge well.”

Judgement does not always have to be negative. I can absolutely hold compassion for someone and what they have been through, and in the same respect let them know which behaviors are not acceptable to me. Hate, aggressiveness, sarcasm, verbal and/or physical abuse are not behaviors I hold space for.

It is important to maintain those boundaries with others. If someone is not willing to meet me there, I will choose to protect myself. I intend to take care of my well-being. I love and respect myself enough to commit to that.

Hold space for YOUR truth, and let that be your expression in life.

3 thoughts on “Hold Space for YOUR Truth”

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    Terri on June 1, 2017 Reply


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    P Wise on June 2, 2017 Reply

    Very true.. Judgement is not an option now a days. We all have a “past” that brings about attitude of how we judge others. Always remember we never know what a person has gone through in their lives. Be peaceful in your understanding of others .

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      Jennifer Ann Jeffer on June 2, 2017 Reply

      Yes..to me it is not an either-or. I can hold compassion for what someone has gone through in their life AND hold compassion for myself, knowing I will not allow someone to direct abusive behaviors my way.

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