I Am Done

Lately I have gone through a purging of sorts with people or situations that are not in my highest good.

I am done having relationships with people who verbally attack me.

I am done with people who are friendly to my face, yet have ulterior motives when I am not around.

I am done with the insinuations that I do not work hard.

I am done allowing negative comments on my social media posts.

I am done.

I am not available to be anyone’s punching bag. I am not a dumping ground for your anger.

Yes, I am compassionate – but that does not make me a doormat. Take your anger elsewhere – or better yet, work through it and let it go. Choose to be a better person. But not because I said so, because you take accountability for your role in your own life.

I realize now that it is not my job to try and “fix” you. I do not have to invest in that. I can (kindly) set my boundaries and leave it there. How you choose to respond is just that – your choice. In that, I am free to just be. To shine my light in a way that I choose to, not to fit some mold of what you expect from me.

I choose to protect myself from abusive behaviors.

I choose to trust my intuition.

I choose to value my work.

I choose to hold space for love.

I choose to allow more good into my life.

I choose me.




















Photo Credit: Jake Olson

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