I Want to Understand

I have a confession to make. I’m obsessed. I have been endlessly scrolling online and clicking through articles about the result of this election. I can’t help it. I want to understand. I want so badly to understand how anyone can turn a blind eye to the hatred of other people that Trump stands for. There is no pathway in my mind I can come up with where I would be willing to simply “put that aside” because I agreed with some of his other policies.

I. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

I’m also afraid. On EVERY side, there is hate and hypocrisy and a lack of compassion. Regardless if you voted Democrat, Republican, Independent or didn’t vote at all. Yet, we ALL (yes, all) keep on pointing the finger elsewhere.

In my relentless search to understand, here’s what I do understand:

  • I understand if you voted for Hilary – you might have supported her 100 percent, or you might have just voted for her to prevent Trump from winning.
  • I understand if you voted for Trump – you might have supported him 100 percent, or you might have just voted for him to prevent Hilary from winning.
  • I understand if you voted third-party, you may have done so because you couldn’t possibly bring yourself to vote for one of the other two options.
  • I understand that if you didn’t vote, you may have figured there was no point.
  • I understand that most people, in their heart of hearts are kind and compassionate.
  • And lastly, I understand that we are still allowed to disagree.

For me, I really couldn’t give two shits about politics. I never have. I dislike the game that it has become and the phoniness behind it all.

What I do care about are people. People being treated fairly, with decency and respect regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, etc. HUMAN rights are what I care above – above all else. There is NOTHING more important than humanity.

It must start there. <3

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