Science is not the Answer

The human mind, or Ego mind is conditioned to want to know the answers to everything. It does not like not knowing why things are the way they are.

I believe science has become our Ego mind’s crutch for needing an explanation for life. If we do not know something, let’s conduct a “scientific study” to find out what the “facts” are.

But science is not God. Sometimes there are no logical explanations for death or disease or events. Sometimes things happen as they are needed to help our soul grow and elevate to a higher level of consciousness. It is a struggle to accept a state of not knowing; of trusting that even though we do not have the answer now, everything will be OK.

I understand the need to feel in control of life, but science is not the answer. Let go of the need to try and explain everything away through our logical minds.Tune in to the true source of information – our intuition. Connect with the universal intelligence. If we really listen, we will find all the answers we need.

“Relax. Nothing is under control.”

2 thoughts on “Science is not the Answer”

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    Terri on August 8, 2017 Reply

    Love this!

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      Jennifer Ann Jeffer on August 8, 2017 Reply


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