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“Being at ease with not knowing is crucial for answers to come to you.” – Eckhart Tolle

One of the biggest epidemics in current society is the value placed upon “busyness”. So many of us can’t settle down and just BE in the moment. We’re always on the go, running away from the discomfort of our own true selves, yet getting nowhere.

This is evident through the people who physically cannot sit still – they have to always be up and about, doing something. But don’t let those who are able to sit still fool you. Even they can be keeping their minds busy – drumming up the next solution to some problem or ideas on the next venture to tackle. There just never seems to be a moment where we are all completely “turned off”.

I can mostly relate to the latter – my mind has kept itself very busy over the years. It, by far, has been my biggest obstacle and at times I am my own worst enemy. Of course, meditation has helped, but to integrate a quiet mind into daily life has taken some work. For example, my husband and I took a big risk in opening our own business. I have struggled with fears of not getting enough business to pay the bills, jobs not going right, or customers being dissatisfied. In the beginning, I would obsess over trying to plan everything out perfectly and needing to book up our calendar. As we continued to go week to week booking work, I began to relax and let go – choosing to be still and trust that moment to moment, day by day it will work out. And it always has.

The biggest business lesson learned from this experience in entrepreneurship is to slow down – everything doesn’t have to happen overnight. I feel that it is important to let our business grow organically and where it should, rather than to try and force it to go a certain direction.

Even with each milestone of success, it is funny though, how it never seems to be enough. Those fears and “what if” chatters in my mind still want to creep in. It is a challenge each time that begins again to find a moment to come back to the present and disengage with the urge to keep busy.

I can also imagine the urge to keep busy physically is very similar, just needing the external stimuli rather than something your mind creates. There’s a constant need to engage with other people or things in order to keep a safe distance from oneself.

Whether physical or mental, both forms of “busyness” are highly successful in keeping us blind to what our intuition already knows – that we are enough. Who we are is enough, what we have is enough, and the solutions will always come. We do not have to keep pushing and searching for the next ‘something’ to fill a fictitious void.

Be present and be open to what your inner being and intuition have to say. You just might find exactly what you’re looking for.

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