The Art of the Written Word

The written word is only as valid as the reader's perception.

Yes, there are a lot of people out there who talk about spirituality and enlightenment. It does not mean their messages are diluted. I look at the written word like painting. Not one of the painters today created the colors or the type of paint they are using, but the way those colors and paint are put onto a canvas is unique to the artist. Sometimes a piece of art speaks to you, and other times it doesn’t.

It is the same for those of us who speak or write about spirituality, or really any topic about life. There isn’t anything that is inherently unique about what is being said, but the way I say something might resonate with someone in a way it hasn’t before.

The written word is only as valid as the reader’s perception. For example, someone could write “Get up and do it!” One person could look at that and think it is incredibly motivating, while someone else could think that it is harsh and demotivating. Our cognitive biases will determine how we interpret the words that are written.

I have to release my fears that what I write might be perceived “wrong” by somebody, or that I could be accused of being unoriginal. I know that I write from a place of spiritual attunement. If the way I say just one sentence ends up resonating with someone, that’s good enough for me! And, if not – that’s fine, too! <3

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