One thing I am struggling with is how to completely TRUST that the universe will provide everything I need at the right time. My left brain challenges everything about that. So, if I sit around on the couch every day, things will “magically” appear in my life? I want to know what specific actions I need to take today, and the next day to help bring those good experiences into my life.

For example: I need a job – or some way to bring more income in. The teachings I’ve studied say to not look for what you seek; but rather, to let it find you when the time is right. OK – so I do not need to put in ANY effort to look for a job or figure out which career is right for me?  It does get confusing sometimes..

Now, the part of me that wholeheartedly believes in these teachings tells me to just let go of the struggle and my worries. If I focus on meditating, positivity, and creating space in my life, the right things will come along to fill that space. Surely, I’m not a hermit..I do leave the house and enter the real world at least a few times a week. I guess some person, or coincidence is bound to come about one of these times, right?

Only time will tell..


Guiding thought of the day: *Love yourself first and the rest will follow.*

2 thoughts on “TRUST”

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    Terri on March 19, 2016 Reply

    Beautiful Jenn!

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    Patricia Wise on March 23, 2016 Reply

    Life is a display of your abilities to preform at your best even when life issues you the worst. In the middle there will be common ground for you to take what is there and make the best of it.


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