TRUTH is an Illusion






Perception really is everything. As Deepak Chopra says:
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but so is love, self-esteem, truth, happiness and optimism. Unless you perceive them, they don’t exist.”

To illustrate this point, I think back about two contestants on the past season of Survivor. Now, I’ve loved this show since it first aired in 1999. It brings out the nerdy-psychology side of me that loves to analyze human behavior and group dynamics. As Survivor says – it is one big social experiment.

On the last season, there were two female contestants who at one point were left out of an alliance vote and found themselves seemingly at the bottom of the group. One girl assumed it was over for her and befriended another male contestant who was not a part of the in-charge alliance. The other girl assumed that she still had a few strong connections within that alliance and worked to build them back up.

Of the two girls – one was voted out shortly after, and the other won the entire season. Can you guess who the winner was? That’s right, the one who perceived her situation as not being a lost cause and still working in her favor.

We really do create our own reality based on our thoughts and perceptions of the circumstances within our lives.

I can see how this played out in my own life at my last place of employment. As I continued to go against the grain of traditional leadership and received push back, I began to assume most of the people I interacted with were also disapproving of my approach. My perception of the situation became my reality and I was essentially “voted out”. Had I chosen to perceive the situation with more optimism, perhaps it would have played out differently – and I would have been able to have a more positive impact.

Expanding a bit further, the thoughts you think also emit an energy that draw certain people or experiences into your life. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. As in my above examples, those who saw the situation as hopeless drew in the people and experiences that reinforced their belief.

I challenge anyone reading this to see how their own perceptions are shaping their reality. Look at the situation from a bigger perspective; a perspective free from the “identity” your ego creates, and rather one that claims back your personal power on a soul level.

Truth is an illusion; all you have to do is change your mind.

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