Have we really gotten to a place where we need to hide that we feel; hide that we care, in order to appease others insecurities?

Showing emotion is not a weakness, gentleness is not a weakness, love is not a weakness. It is courageous. Showing our vulnerability is one of the greatest strengths we can possess.

What is weakness is when someone sees the vulnerability in another and uses it to manipulate them, or to play with their emotions. When someone does that to another, it is really saying that your display of feelings is not comfortable for them. It brings out their own insecurities, and therefore it is necessary for them to bring you to their level. A level of non-feeling. That is where they are most comfortable. They poke and prod at you until you find feeling too great a burden to bear.

I have seen where people are told to “lighten up” or to “stop being so sensitive”. I have been told that myself.

As an alternative, I am suggesting that what needs to happen is for everyone to stop being so afraid of feeling. Look at someone else being in touch with emotions as something of great strength, which it is. It is not as scary as it may look or feel (pun intended).

Open up to your feelings.

Be vulnerable.


That is what life is all about.

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