Welcome to the New Age of Business

I oftentimes come across people or articles praising someone who worked for nothing, who put in endless hours for little pay and still showed up. It seems they are put on a pedestal as being a true hard worker.

While there is certainly value in working hard, and doing your part to contribute – I like to look at it from the other side of the coin. Why is it that businesses get a free pass, while the “hard worker” usually ends up not much better off in the long run than when they first started?

I am a business owner and know I will not hire someone – young, old, or in between – that I could not pay a fair wage to. I am not looking to have someone work for me that I could not complete a mutual exchange with. I receive their services and reward them with a monetary good.

Business is intended to be MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL, not to take what you can get for free as it comes. The current trend seems to classify business as the relentless pursuit of getting something for nothing.

There are others who are trying to shift this trend, myself included. We can call it the New Age of business, but I believe it is taking it back to the true meaning of business. A time where both parties made out in the deal.

I do not see the value in setting the expectation that people should work for nothing.

My advice is if you are someone currently in or entering the business world – know your worth. You should not have to sacrifice yourself for the sake of growing a company’s profits. You should be a part of a true team where everyone goes home with more than enough.


My hope is you are fortunate enough to land amongst business people who will not take what you have to offer for granted.

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